Student Care Services (SCS), a division of Student Rights and Responsibilities, offers guidance, resources, and referrals for UCF students who are experiencing a distressing situation which impedes academic or personal success. SCS staff work directly with students by offering support and referrals to appropriate community resources. The ultimate role is to support the safety and wellbeing of the UCF community and integrate education and care with risk management.

From Caring Comes Courage 

Student Care Services is also home to UCF Cares. UCF Cares is a campus-side initiative of care-related programs and resources dedicated to fostering a caring community of Knights. Please review the information posted here, but do not hesitate to contact Student Care Services with any questions or concerns, whether you are a student, parent, UCF staff or faculty member, or community member. UCF Cares is dedicated to supporting areas related to safety and wellness, interpersonal violence, mental health, and diversity and inclusion.

Our Mission

Student Care Services supports students experiencing academic or personal concerns by coordinating a comprehensive network of resources and options to support ongoing care.

Our Vision

To be the leader in higher education intervention programs by empowering all students in need to achieve overall personal success and wellbeing.

Our Goals

SCS aims to assist the UCF community by: 
  • Supporting campus and the greater community in making referrals through the Student of Concern process
  • Providing care related resources and education to students, faculty, and staff assisting students of concern and the UCF Cares initiative.
  • Making referrals to and coordinate the University Crisis Team
  • Coordinating additional support services including the Homeless Student Team, Student Death Response,
    and the Student of Concern Team
  • Support and empower students to take action and advocate on their own behalf
  • Providing remedial measures support to students impacted by interpersonal violence
  • Supporting ongoing programming efforts for the UCF Cares initiative