Downtown Campus

Care Services, an extension of UCF Student Care Services (SCS), offers guidance, resources, and referrals to Downtown students who are experiencing a distressing situation which significantly impacts academic or personal success. Care Services coordinates referrals to campus and community resources, develops action plans for student success, oversees the Student of Concern process, and provides education and outreach to university and community members. Our goal is to intervene before a student reaches crisis level and ensure the safety of both the student and the Downtown community. SCS also oversees UCF Cares, an umbrella of care-related programs, resources and staff dedicated to fostering a caring community of Knights.

Student of Concern

The Student of Concern Reporting Process allows members of the Downtown Community (students, staff, faculty, etc.) to report concerns that they have about Downtown students. If a student is experiencing challenges or difficulties that concern you, please report to Care Services. This process offers supportive intervention and guidance to any Downtown student who is in distress or struggling before a student reaches a crisis level.

File a Student of Concern Report if know of a distressed student and you:

  • Do not know where to refer them
  • Would like to consult about possible responses to a student’s behavior
  • Notice a student’s behavior is making others feel uncomfortable
  • Believe there may be safety concerns in the future
  • If you walk a student over or refer a student to the Counseling Center
  • Have called 911 because of a safety concern
  • Would like future follow up to ensure that the student is connected to
    Counseling and Psychological Services

If you need further assistance in determining if you need to file a report, contact us.

Phone Mon-Fri: 8am - 5pm
Phone 407.235.3835
Location UnionWest at Creative Village, Room 200


Tim Donovan

Associate Director, Downtown Student Services